Mobile Patrols

City Security Services’ Mobile Patrol service is ideal for clients who do not require a permanent presence on site. Stay secure in the knowledge that your premises are receiving random inspections by our patrol vehicles.


City Security Services provides fully audited Mobile Patrol services. These include a lock and unlock services and general building patrols, which can include turning off electrical items, whilst ensuring the building is fully secure. This service can also be used if you have contractors due out of hours.


Mobile patrols regularly prevent thefts, fires and floods. An electronic monitoring system can be installed to record patrols, with detailed reports forwarded to the client. Any suspicious activity will be investigated and the police called if necessary. Full written reports of any incidents will be provided within 24 hours.


Our Officers are also able to allow access for contractors or employee’s to attend site out of normal working hours. As well as allowing access and onsite supervision, if required, there is additional peace of mind knowing that the building will be re-secured correctly, removing the need to hand over premises keys or alarm codes to unauthorised personnel.