Why CSS?

Why City Security Services?

Our core purpose is the protection of our client’s staff and their assets. We do this by identifying and disrupting threats, advising on protection, analysing information and reporting back. Operational success drives all of our work.


We have our own set of principles which apply to all City Security Services operations that are adhered to with the upmost integrity:


  • To enhance the current standard of Service offered by your incumbent contractor
  • To implement internal and external Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) for the security service (to be agreed with you as part of contract set-up) so you as a customer have an effective measuring tool for our service provision.
  • To respond quickly and efficiently to your changing needs

City Security Services recognises the flexibility and attention to detail each contract demands. We understand the need for any changes to your security requirements to be fully understood and adopted immediately.

Our success depends on our professional and individual commitment to:


  • Providing reliable and effective security solutions
  • The rule of law and compliance with our own procedures
  • The highest standards of honesty, integrity, objectivity and a sense of proportion
  • Working as a team, inside the organisation and with partners
  • Respect and support for those with whom we work
  • Valuing difference, so that we make the best use of our staff skills and experience and reflect the society and clientele we serve.



Our Approach . . .

Times have changed and so has the need for professional security services. City Security Services believes in a forward thinking approach to staff welfare and service provision. We have proven time and time again that we have the ability to handle both the routine and the extraordinary with performance excellence. Our commitment is to meet your individual service objectives. As each location or assignment will have different objectives, we will individually agree these and document prior to contract commencement, in order for our service to be measured at any time.


With the challenges of today’s complex security environment, City Security Services bespoke service is designed to respond and adapt to evolving security concerns.


At City Security Services we specialise in providing customers with innovative options and customer focused solutions. This, combined with our commitment to ensure we provide the highest standards of service in the industry makes City Security Services a valuable business partner.


Plain clothes or high-profile uniformed personnel, City Security Services offer clients the choice to support in-house teams or provide full manned guarding services. We provide seamless, integrated security solutions that represent an extension of your existing organisational culture. City Security Services is able to provide highly visible deterrents or alternatively as circumstances dictate, low key, observation and intelligence gathering personnel may be deployed.


Whether for simple reception duties or a more ‘hands on’ role in the running of services and emergency procedures, our Officers are courteous and unobtrusive. They assist and protect clients, tenants and visitors, ensuring collective safety are afforded paramount significance.