Where do City Security Services Operate?
We operate primarily in London and the Home Counties but can also provide services in other geographical locations.
Our head office and Operational Control Centre are based in Central London.

In 2008 City Security Services opened additional Regional offices in Cambridge. These regional offices have enabled us to better service our Home Counties clients and provide in- house training facilities which are easily reached by London and Home Counties employees.


Are all City Security Services Personnel licensed by the Security Industry Authority (SIA)?
Yes. Each and every member of the front line team and management hold a minimum of one type of SIA license such as Front Line, CCTV or Door Supervision. Each Officer will also have to undertake the off-site training days and examinations and undergo regular CRB checks to obtain a license.


Our Security requirements are not straightforward, can you assist?
Yes. We arespecialist in creating bespoke solutions for our clients. We will also visit a site with a ‘blank canvas’ approach to submitting proposals unless we are briefed to follow an exact specification. All too often we have met with potential client and found that they are being ‘over serviced’ with manpower. We will look at options to reduce expenditure whilst ensuring the location is still secure by utilising other services or methods.


How can I ensure my calls are being dealt with effectively, especially out of hours?
We operate a 24hr manned Control Centre 365 days a year. Each Controller on duty is trained in dealing with emergencies in a professional, efficient yet personable manner. Fully equipped with the latest online internet based technology we are able to track, view or monitor all sites and static and mobile officers on a real time basis.


It is our purpose to deal with any situation that arises from start to finish and report all findings as well as liaise with all parties concerned with an incident from clients, authorities such as the Police as well as monitoring companies.


What services or tasks do the Mobile Patrol Officers perform?
Any services requested can be tailor made or designed to suit your requirements however our standard services offered are:


  • Key holding & Alarm Response
  • External Building Patrols
  • Internal Building Patrols
  • Open-Ups & Lock-downs
  • Lone worker checks


Each and every patrol is completely monitored and audited. Our proof of presence (POP) system ensures that key points (discreetly marked with chips data tags) internally and externally are swiped to prove attendance.


What is the approximate Mobile attendance response time?
Within London and the Home Counties our average response time is under 40 minutes. Whilst 90% of our attendances are much faster than this, the average is significantly increased by attendance to remote sites a significant distance from our central London control centre. Each vehicle is fitted with a permanent satellite tracker so the control centre can see its progress to site in real time.


What is the benefit of a mobile patrol?
The primary benefit of an out of hours mobile patrol is to ensure that your building has not only been fully secured (internal & external areas) and alarmed but also to check that there are no internal water leaks or issues that could escalate and worsen over periods of time such as weekend shut downs or Christmas periods.


Another key service provided by our mobiles is Open ups & Lock downs. This is where our mobile officer will enter your premises and deactivate specific (or entire) areas of the premises to allow contractor work for instance to be undertaken. They will then return to secure and re-alarm the premises. This is also significantly more cost effective than having a static officer remain on site for the duration.